The Artists

Emmanuel Verjans, born in 1975 in the province of Liège in Belgium and showed an interest in infographics, music and video games from a very young age.

During the boom era of computer technology in the 1990s, Emmanuel first discovered digital tools and started working with image-processing programs.  He turned to 3D in 1998 and moved towards synthesis imagery and infographics which gave him the possibility to illustrate his 3D interactive video creations.   It was during this period that Emmanuel started using images to create texture and in this way create an illusion of grass or water more real than nature.  These techniques, acquired throughout 20 years of experience, were crucial the day Emmanuel decided to start a career as a photographer, in 2008.

Emmanuel continued producing works and ultimately met Yves Martin, a professional meetings organizer in the monthly event “Les Mercredis des Oreilles Vertes“.  He has since photographed over 600 artists who have presented their work at this monthly event.

In 2015, on the occasion of the re-enactments of the Battle of Waterloo, Emmanuel was hired as a photographer by one of the prestigious sponsors associated with the restoration of Hougoumont Château-Farm. Given his unique access opportunity to the events, he was able to take a multitude of photo shots of the re-enactments..

Vincent Cochain discovered photography in 2009 becoming more and more passionate as time went by.  In 2013 he joined a photographic club in Namur ( which broadened his horizons and where he discovered new techniques.

Whilst participating in the bicentennial re-enactment of the Battle of Waterloo, he met Emmanuel Verjans on the battlefield.  Discussions followed, there was a ‘meeting of minds’ and they decided to work together for the duration of the battle re-enactments.  Discover the result of this encounter in an exhibition created from thousands of photographic shots
taken during the grand re-enactment  of the Battle of Waterloo at the Bicentenary celebrations in 2015.

Eugénia Calado
, of Portuguese origin, was born in Angola and settled in Brussels in 2006.

From 1993 she developed an artistic activity in the field of lighting design for theater, dance and music in Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Austria and Brazil.
In the field of lighting, she studied with, among others, Robert Ornbo whose work she sees as her main reference. She has also worked with Steve Paxton, Vera Mantero, and Boris Charmatz.
Since 2013 she has worked as a lighting technician with many projects but notably at “Les Mercredis des Oreilles Vertes”.  In 2016 she designed the lighting for the Capitalism Museum in Brussels.

Eugénia is also a visual artist and has created and exhibited installations based upon artist books, sound, photography and various other materials.
In 2010 she received the highest award of the Molenbeek Saint Jean Art Academy designated by a jury of Belgium’s French speaking Community.

She has studied Theology, Philosophy, Culture, Theatre, Art in Public Spaces, Video-Installation, Artist Book,  Installation and Sound.
She currently attends a Masters course in Performing Arts at Louvain’s Catholic University and works as an Art Consultant for the “Mission pour l’Emploi des Artistes”.