For the Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, Emmanuel Verjans, with the help of  Vincent Cochain, realised a series of photos during the reconstitution of the battle.
From these high quality photos, Emmanuel Verjans recreated ten large-scale panoramic photos illustrating the historic moment.
This work is an artistic interpretation of an historic moment with no intention of portraying the historic truth.
Each panorama incorporates a multitude of photos assembled with an image-processing program to produce a  hyper realistic photograph of the confrontation.

Emmanuel Verjans has created these images as a photographic diorama. This work is presented within a scenography, which was conceived as an installation by Eugénia Calado.
The panoramas are printed by Jean-Jacques Micheli in ChromaLuxe®, a high quality support, in various dimensions from 9,90m x 1,90m for the biggest, to 6.40m x 1,60m for the smallest.